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Any unwanted behavior in our dogs, has in its roots some unfulfilled primal need that our dog expresses as unwanted behavior. Most dog lovers are unaware of the knowledge of what their dogs primal needs are and how to fulfill them. This lack of knowledge and understanding defeats all their well meaning efforts and their love for them. 


At Being K9, we bring awareness and knowledge about the world from ...

... A Dogs point of view. 


By knowing and understanding your dogs primal and basic needs and how to fulfill them, you bring in a dimension in the relationship with them that automatically makes them harmonious and balanced. You do not have to explicitly work on eliminating bad behavior, they go away by just fulfilling their primal needs. Any training imparted in this state is smooth and the desired response to your commands can be accomplished with minimum effort and with ease. 


Over the years, we have successfully trained and rehabilitated many dogs. And equally important, we have trained Dog owners to be more knowledgeable and able to understand their dogs natural communication. We want to share this special, primal and powerful knowledge with all the dog lovers. Our dogs are capable and waiting to change for better. All they want is some one who can understand their world and communicate in a manner that is natural to them.

If you are raising a puppy, this knowledge will help you to connect with them and prevent any issues growing up. If you have a happy-go-lucky dog, it will deepen your relationship with them. If you have a so called ‘problem dog’, it will help you to bring them to balance and be what they should be. With this knowledge and techniques, you can connect with any dog of any size, breed or age in the most simplest and powerful manner.

Many dog lovers have benefited from this knowledge and are experiencing a deeper relationship with their dogs. We would like you to experience the same. 



Dogs learn best in their own home environment. Being K9 offers all the training, knowledge and know how at the comfort of your own home and the convenience of your own schedule and availability. The sessions at your home enables you and your pet to get complete 1-1 undivided attention from the trainer. The training is entirely unique and tailor made to suit your dogs nature and needs.


Do you want to know what me and my loving

Pack Leader

said about our experience of the training?


Rajeev is the best dog trainer I have ever comes across. He is intelligent, understands the physocology between the dog parents and the dogs themselves.

He uses practical tips and tools and ensures that dog parents understands the importance of their own behavior before that of the dogs.

It has helped us immensely to improve the expected behavior of our 2 dogs and cannot thank him enough !

Amarjeet Dutta

Animal behavior is not intuitive to humans. Learning the proper ways to manage a 2 cat and 1 dog household was invaluable. Rajiv’s methodology was scientific and behavioral which I really identified with. A life saver as our household was chaotic and noisy after the adjustment to living in Dubai. One of the very best dog trainers I have had the opportunity to work with. Highly recommended!

Michele L. Hopkins

Rajiv has an extra ordinary understanding with regards to behavior and mindsets of dogs. He understands and explains with patience the deeper underlying issues which are the result of what we witness.


My kids enjoyed the session with Rajiv and we developed a greater understanding about how to treat and respect animals along with training them correctly.


We recommend Rajiv very strongly to every new pet owner. You sure can do wonders with your relationship with your pet following Rajiv’s advises.

Dipti Advani

Our family rescued a puppy that had been abandoned in Al quoz- he was the most quiet petrified little thing I had ever come across. He soon settled with our family, however when a stranger entered the house he started barking and became very protective.


I called Rajiv not wanting to give up on this dog and hoping that he could help me “train “ him. I totally underestimated the impact that Rajiv would have on our family- Rajiv coached all of us to help this dog be happier and more relaxed. Rajiv’s calm energy and manner has something quite magical about it (until you meet him you will find it bizarre that I have written that).


I was very open to learning Rajiv’s methods and it has ended up not only having a positive impact on my dog, but also I have applied using calm positive energy to my very energetic 2 year old. I have a hectic home with 3 kids, 2 dogs... and my time with Rajiv made me reflect on how I parent and try some alternative methods which have had staggering responses from my children.


It is hard to put into words the results that we have had from hiring Rajiv... I would just urge you to meet him and have an open mind. This is not dog “training” in the traditional sense of the word, the results that you will see far exceed your expectation. 


From the moment I was given Rajiv Saini’s business card I was told “He has been trained by Cesar Milan”!  Intrigued, I googled him and I was very excited to be about to call someone who had been trained by none other than “The Dog Whisperer”…


However, once I started speaking to Rajiv, I realised that his passion for helping people have a great relationship with their dogs was much more important to him than anything else…he did not even once mention to me over our conversation about his background.  This humble attitude was what marked me the most.


During our first session, Rajiv was able to give me the foundations of what I needed to feel confident as a new puppy owner.  He spoke about concepts that were so basic and so profound and effective at the same time.  He involved my children who were also able to understand and connect with what he was aiming to teach us.


I could go on and on in detail about the impressive knowledge and skills which Rajiv Saini has to offer and share…however, it is enough to say that his training methods are so powerful and his way of connecting with me as the owner was one of the most impressive experiences I have had in a long time.


Thanks to Rajiv I feel confident, happy and I am able to already enjoy my puppy without feeling overwhelmed at the task at hand!

Stephanie Robert

 I called Rajeev out of desperation I have owned a dog for two years and used the expensive services of two different dog trainers to try and manage my super hyper moody insecure dog with no success


The minute Rajeev was in contact with Oscar there was already a surprising chemistry between them Oscar was always barking and threatening when he saw new faces we couldn’t keep him around when we had guests and I was afraid this training will be a waist like the others But instead Rajeev understood exactly how to explain and make us deal with our dog Now we can say that we have a much better understanding of our dogs behavior and we know all the tricks on how to deal with him when he is difficult.


It is a complete positive change and we are extremely happy with the results We really recommend Rajeev to anyone facing the same issues he is a very good dog behaviorist and therapist.


We have just recently finished our sessions with Rajiv. To sum them up in a few words, they were eye-opening, mind-blowing, and truly educational. We have had our Bichon for almost 7 years. She has relocated around the world with us two times. Over the last couple of months, we have had a few changes in our family (a new baby and moving houses/countries/continents) that might have impacted our doggie’s routine and habits. Her behaviour changed and she also developed a serious skin condition, which was not getting better.

We researched online and came across Rajiv’s name and website. He had come highly recommended, his reviews were great, and we decided to give it a go. Rajiv really helped us better understand our Bichon’s behaviour, how to read her cues, what tools and techniques to use, and how to change our behaviour and approach in order to be able to help her. The changes over the last few weeks have been amazing. We are still learning every day, as we go along, but the results during and since Rajiv’s sessions have been incredible. Our doggie is much more settled in the new house and family routine and her skin condition has dramatically improved. We are so relieved and grateful to Rajiv for his help. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He really helped our family.

Darina Tomkova Khan

I would highly recommend to have the sessions with Rajiv if you want to understand your dog and treat your dog in the proper way as a family member but animal one. It will make your life easier. For me having a first dog in my life it was really very very helpful and interesting experience with Rajiv explanations of dogs nature.

Vera Malykhina

We just finished the sessions with Rajiv and it was mind blowing. He helped my girls to interact with our new puppy in a respectful way and with an understanding of the puppies behavior. Like my daughter said: it is a human training instead of only a dog training. His way of working with our dog was very natural and I learned a lot of new insights. During the training there were a lot of eye openers about being ‘mindful’ and how your dog is responding to your own energy. Thank you Rajiv you are a great person and a beautiful life coach. You made such a difference.

Corinda de Witte
Al Ain

We can't thank Rajiv enough for turning a very difficult situation around for us and our dear dog Pancho. We adopted a very complicated rescue dog, a Collie mix from K9. Pancho is very loving and is most comfortable being at home. We realized he was very scared to venture beyond the house gates for intense fear of Vehicles, any noise, headlights etc. It was impossible to take him out for a walk. Treats would not do the trick either. Eventually going out into the compound became less and less frequent too. Pancho was gaining weight, getting aggressive at home and our efforts were leading us nowhere.


I then googled Dog Behaviourist and Rajiv's name came up. Rajiv trained us both, verbally and visually, equipped us with the strength of mind and knowledge to enable us to take Pancho for his much needed walks. Rajiv armed us with the technique and knowledge of how to handle his rigid hesitation and fear. Rajiv also taught us how to behave with our dog and understand him better.


When we took Pancho out for the first time, it was the most beautiful feeling ever. In short, Rajiv is the go to Trainer/ Behaviourist, if you ever have any concerns about your dog's state of mind/ conduct/ behaviour. From our perspective he achieved the Impossible. Thank you Rajiv.

Sonia and James

Sometimes we are not aware of painful, deep buried matters in our minds and souls , that somehow do affect our daily life. We believe that we overcame them, that they do not exist anymore. Well…..not quite….


Our beloved dog Bella (who has been with us for 15 years ) has passed away 4 years back. Shortly after that, my daughters decided to get a puppy, Lexy – a bundle of joy, who has been deliberately  allowed to became the master of the house, until…..her behavior became aggressive towards other people, uncontrollable. That’s when we contacted Rajeev to help us out.


He did not know about Bella, nor I had any intention to bring up the subject, Lexy was the focus. However, Rajiv sensed that there is an underlining cause to our problem and gently probed; it was like opening a gate;  a flurry  of emotions came out (I was not aware that these emotions even  existed). Until that day I  have not realized that having Lexy for me was too soon, I did not let go of Bella (I was still holding onto her ashes) .


Rajiv helped me understand, accept, have a closure and move on. Part of Lexy’s unwanted behavior was unconsciously fed by my own deep, suppressed sorrow.


It has been a liberating experience for me, and not only me, the entire family. Needless to say,  Lexy is so much better on many levels. I have no words to thank enough Rajiv for his help , he’ll always have a special place in our hearts!


I can't recommend Nikkie's World enough. We recently adopted a small breed dog who was very aggressive towards strangers on the street as well as guests in our home (growling, barking, biting etc.) After just a few training sessions, I feel like we have a different dog. No more barking at noises in the hallway or lunging at passersby on the street. We were even able to host my mother-in-law for her holiday without issue. We're very grateful to Rajiv for everything he taught us.

Kristina Knighten   


Our family had adopted a beautiful 10 month old golden retriever - Jack - 4 weeks ago.. on his first day he was quiet.. sat in one place and to our amazement was toilet trained .. we were really thrilled and relaxed.. this went on for 2 days but on day 3 we experienced a change in Jack’s behavior.. of course being a puppy we was excited and full of energy but that slowly was leading to a somewhat aggressive behavior and my son was getting scared of being near him.. we had to leash him when we weren’t around.. there clearly was no connection between my son and jack..These were clear indicators that Jack had to go through some training sessions .. I was browsing through the internet and came across Rajiv’s website and based on all the great and positive feedback received from a lot of pet owners decided to speak to him and ask for his support with Jack.

Rajiv’s methods are clearly not the traditional ‘sit, stand, stay’ ones but it’s a journey he takes the owners through to understand how dogs think and respond to certain behaviors and the environment .. to be honest it’s more about educating us about a dog’s world .. 

It’s been 3 weeks and we are amazed at how Jack has calmed down and most of all has connected with our son as well.. the two are inseparable now.. 

We couldn’t thank Rajiv enough of all the support and guidance he has provided our family in the last 3 weeks and would definitely recommend him to all who want to understand their pet and not train them😊😊

Karam Kulkarni

Our experience with Rajiv was truly life changing. His sessions are really about understanding your dogs psychology and how to deal with certain issues, which is a little less training and a bigger focus on the core issues of our dog Lexy. She was a very timid and anxious dog, which later began to turn into aggression. She nipped a close relative to the face (that she’s met multiple times), and that was the biggest wake up call to seek for help. It was almost impossible to have guests over without putting her in a separate room, or even have the doorbell ring without having the house turn into complete chaos. She felt intimidated by anyone who did not live in our house and of course, this was extremely harmful especially for Lexy mentally. What was even worse was that her behavior started to rub off on our new puppy Stella (that is actually very friendly). Little did we know that we were actually feeding this kind of behavior due to many factors. Rajiv made us understand where we were going wrong, and how dogs understand certain things that we do.


It’s difficult to explain how this actually works, you would have to experience a session to really understand. Rajiv has an extremely positive energy that really calms things down and puts you and your dog at ease.


He had a breakthrough with my mom about her grief over our first dog that passed away before we had Lexy. We noticed that although many years have passed since she died, we were subconsciously doing many things that were only encouraging Lexy's negative behavior (being overly affectionate/ caring/protective), and letting all that out really helped my mom overcome it. I strongly advise Rajiv’s sessions to anyone that is struggling with a timid, anxious, or aggressive dog, or even to someone who is still grieving over the loss of a pet.


In just a little over 4 weeks, my dogs have shown so much improvement, especially Lexy. It wasn't only a learning experience for our dogs, but for our whole family. I have to say that this can only work if it is a collective approach- everyone in the household needs to be fully involved and equally committed. The improvement is seen based on your efforts and how consistent you are with what he teaches you. Overall this was such a rewarding experience and my family and I cannot thank you enough!!!😊😊😊

Alma Abu Ras

I have a rescue dog who nips people who come into our home, however two days ago he bit a friend of mine badly. The next morning I took him to the vets as I felt he could not be trusted and they needed to be put to sleep. I am not proud of myself for that but I was so scared and thinking I was doing the best for everyone. 

The vet was kind and took her time with me as I was crying so hard I could not speak. She asked me to give him a chance and to contact Rajiv. Rajiv came that very night and worked with me and Frankie for three hours. His patience and understanding to me was outstanding. Words can not describe how he made me feel. He told me Frankie was the Alpha Male and only I could change it. Today I feel much better and looking forward to the next sessions. He saved my Frankies life and I am looking forward to spending time with this amazing dog. Thank you Rajiv from the bottom of my heart.

Debbi Evans

Rajiv is a marvel, so calm and such a good teacher - he ensures you understand why your dog is behaving a certain way and how to work to start to change that behaviour. He helped us over a big bump over several sessions when we first took on our rescue dog, and as well as training mentally, he even spotted a physical condition that was a possible cause of the dog's erratic behaviour. He came back today for an hour to help with some territorial issues we've been having, and already I have seen the difference. Highly recommended.

Wendy Mattock

Big thanks to Rajiv!! Not only are we better able to understand our dog’s behavior and improve it, but also dogs in general since I have a BIG fear. Working with Rajiv has given me the tools to overcome this, along with the confidence to take control when needed both at home and when out around other dogs, and no longer being the one controlled!!

I would highly recommend any dog owner (even the ones who THINK they know what’s going on in their pets head) take these lessons because their’s no owners manual with that cute puppy, and their pack minded world is not the one we live in or can easily understand which can often lead to frustration!!

Daz Mitchell

I have a rescue Saluki who suffers with anxiety and has a fear of humans and the outside world. It came to the point where I was beginning to dread taking her for a walk because it resulted in me dragging her out of the house and being pulled all the way back home! I could not approach anyone outside the house with her and she would cower away constantly. 

A friend of mine referred me to Rajiv and advised that I let him know the problems I am facing. Rajiv entered our home on Friday morning and in 2 hours turned our lives around! Not only the behaviour of the dog, but the calmness and peace of our home. 

Just on the first session I was able to take Indie out on a walk , she walked by my side and when we approached strangers she was able to stay in a calm state and allow them to stroke her! 

Saturday morning came and I had been on a couple of successful walks with Indie the night before. Rajiv arrived at our home again; this time he was able to approach Indie while she sat/lay. I was also able to keep her under complete control and calmness while she sat by my foot, as Rajiv approached her. The progress we have made in just two days is beyond words. 

Rajiv has taught me how to find calm within myself and to be able to influence this behaviour on my dog. Indie and I now have a few more sessions with Rajiv which we are very much looking forward to and we are looking ahead at a peaceful, enjoyable life! 

Thank You Rajiv!

Stacey Willams

We adopted two chihuahuas and one needed some basic training and the other one was so bad with other dogs and quite naughty. Rajiv taught us techniques and really trained us to understand dogs and the psychology behind why dogs act certain ways. It has helped so much and we now have these techniques in place. We had tried other trainers before but no one went into as much detail as Rajiv. He goes above and beyond by showing, explaining and sending videos so you also begin to notice different behaviour in dogs as well as the practical side by coming out on walks and applying the theory used. Honestly the best money we have ever spent as we can now enjoy the walks with our dogs. I would highly recommend Rajiv to anyone that is struggling with their dogs no matter how bad you think the problem is as Rajiv is so patient, really knowledgeable and highly experienced about dog and human psychology.

Thank you so much and we will keep you updated on our progress!

Poppy Knight

We were so overwhealmed with our dogs behavior. We could not have people come to the house without locking him away. Rajiv is a miracle worker. We have a completely different dog now. Rajiv gave us the tools we needed to take our house back and our dog Buzz is a happier dog. We cannot recommend him enough! Thank you Rajiv, we and our dogs could not be more grateful!

Kristina Mizesko Lauderdale

Rajiv is like magic. Helped us so much with our foster (soon to be adopted) German Shepard with separation anxiety. He is worth every penny. Would recommend him to any dog owner.

Corta Thompson Nilsson

Having taken in a rescue pup, life changed hugely for us both. This saluki/lab cross had been passed around, unwanted for what ever reason so many times in her short 7 months on this earth when she met me. I had been considering getting a dog since moving here and like most good love stories, she found me when I was least expecting it. The normal puppy stuff, chewing, toilet training, etc, I could handle. Annoying as it was, she had to learn and that would happen in time. But the other side I wasn't expecting. It appeared she had separation anxiety which was making things very difficult. I couldn't understand her behaviour and tried many different ways to help her, none of which seemed to make a difference. I found Rajiv's contact details and it was really interesting meeting him. He wasn't looking for quick fixes but looking at the world through the dog's eyes. Understanding more about the way she thought made sense to me and opened me up into the way she thinks when I'm not there. He was patient and listened carefully to what the issues were. Although now her sessions are done she still has some way to go, I feel I have more of the tools to try and help her now. I have already passed on his details to others I have met with similar and I'm glad I was able to get him to come and help. Thanks!


Rajiv is truly amazing at working with dogs and the owners! He's calm and assertive and will teach you how to understand your dog and communicate with them. Couldn't recommend him more!

Nina Korhonen

Thank you Rajiv for helping us in choosing the best puppy ever for our family and go smoothly welcome him into our family. Your positive impact is visible not only on our dog but for our whole family. Thank you!

Maria Alejandra Ortiz

Rajiv is wonderful! We had a great experience with him helping us to communicate more effectively with our puppy, Osiris. Looking forward to continuing to utilize the new skills we’ve all learned! Thanks Rajiv!

Jennifer Hall Myers

Sharing our experience. We have had the most amazing experience with Rajiv during the sessions (3 in total). Our timid dog Toffee was becoming territorial so much so that she nipped the cleaner one day. Approaching Rajiv was the best thing we did. He has shown us how it's not Toffee but us unknowingly encouraging her behaviour. Right from the time he stepped into our house we have learnt-I must say not just learnt to handle our dog but learnt lessons in life to calm ourselves. With 3 sessions complete we have already started to notice a change in Toffee. He made us see how allowing a timid dog to lead was creating the problems with her. We really appreciate the way he handles the situation and patiently corrects the dog and the owners. His insistence to have the whole family involved just shows his strong ethics. He patiently stayed downstairs waiting for me to return from work even though he drove all the way from Dubai to Ras al Khaimah so that all of us were present during the sessions. We duly respect his work and him as a person. He has shown us a path and helped us build faith that we can nurture a great relationship with our dog by looking from the dog's point of view (we had tried many things and suggestions and nothing seemed to work). We are amazed at how he has taught us to set the boundaries for Toffee without any force or anger, yet discipline her when needed. Thank you Rajiv. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

Heena Garg

Ras al Khaimah

If you have any problem with your dog(s). Call Rajiv, he is great in teaching you how the dogsworld works (very interesting!!)and how to solve problems with them. Can really recommend him!!

Gertruud Boekel

Our heartfelt thanks go to Rajiv who showed us the way! We adopted an 8 year old mixed breed "desert dog" 18 months ago, he settled very well but after a few weeks began to show reactive behaviour when outside; he would lunge at other dogs and humans, he also showed very stubborn behaviour refusing to leave the house and when out, would refuse to walk. We tried all sorts of things to try and change this behaviour including treats and the services of trainers, all to no avail.I became anxious when outside and would avoid areas where I knew there would be other dogs and/or people. We found Nikkies World and called Rajiv. He visited us and listened and assessed - I would say at this point, Rajiv was actually assessing us (me and my husband!) He asked very pertinent questions about our behaviour, thought processes and feelings and helped us understand that changing some of these things to become calm/assertive humans would make all the difference when outside. 
Rajiv helped me overcome my fear and anxiety in one session! He helped me face my fear, I was able to walk past many other dogs and even held not only my dogs leash but another dogs as well; I was amazed! Our dog showed no reactive behaviour, in fact he was so calm and had no issues at all!
We had 4 sessions with Rajiv; he worked with us, not our dog! He showed us a few little tricks along the way to help with understanding ours and other dogs body language; he showed us that understanding our dogs world and being calm/assertive humans, demonstrates to him that we are the pack leaders, we are "in charge" and if we aren't reacting to situations, our dog remains calm! 
Its still work in progress but we are all loving our time outside now; we dont get it right every single time but it is becoming second nature now; our dog hardly ever reacts and when he does, we try to correct as early as possible.
We are so grateful to Rajiv, to be able to see and experience what we have now is so rewarding, to have a better understanding of ourselves and our gorgeous dog is so satisfying.

Linda Malcolm 

Rajiv was great in teaching us about dog psychology, and the way in which we could enjoy a closer, more balanced relationship with our two King Charles Spaniels. The specific issues that we faced were dealt with in a holistic manner, leading to really amazing results!

Paari Chaddha

Excellent training. Taught us some valuable things that will stay with us and have improved the behaviour of our dog. Would highly recommend!

Thom Soutter

I truly do not know where we would be without Rajiv's help. As new owners of an adult dog adopted from a rescue organization, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We had issues with aggressive walking, toileting accidents in the house, lunging and aggressive behavior towards cats (including ours) and other dogs, and also had a gazillion questions. Rajiv came HIGHLY recommended by both the rescue organization and a friend. Within a month, we became knowledgeable, confident, calm and patient dog owners who are able to understand our dog's needs and manage them smoothly without our dog creating chaos in our very busy home. We have calm walks and a very well behaved dog. We understand the WHYs of what needs to be done to achieve this. Plus Rajiv is just a really good guy whom we like to spend time with. We are very grateful for everything he has done to help us and transform this new life as dog owners into one that is calm, fun, well managed and truly enjoyable. Thank you Rajiv!!!

Kate Pierson Lundin 

We contacted Rajiv in a stressful situation, we adopted a dog and already had a cat, we have had the cat with a dog previously and they lived together in peace - when we brought the new dog home it was quite the opposite, the dog is very playful and wanted to play with the cat who was terrified, so much so they could not be in the same room – after a intense session and a follow up, Rajiv managed to get the cat and the dog to cohabitate, we were amazed with the progress – moving onto outside situations the dog now walks in a orderly and is not inclined to chase cats! We highly recommend Rajiv…

Kirsten Fairfield 

This is a very unique testimonial that I am about to share... Unique because I have not met Rajiv... neither has he met or trained my 10 month old puppy.... but I have benefited from Rajiv's unique skills as a human - dog relationship guru!! I called Rajiv after a resident of my community recommended him. I have in the past had my dog trained by another trainer.... and for a multitude of reasons it was not up to my satisfaction. So I was very apprehensive about reaching out to another trainer. Rajiv spent 45 minutes on my first call to him... talking patiently... taking all my questions... shedding light on many of my areas of concern. He then told me something that made me really appreciate his insight and honesty.... he told me that he would not train my dog... but just show me the way to recognize the preexisting natural relationship that I already shared with my pet!!! I asked for a couple days to think about it and come back to him... and in this time I started reflecting on my conversation with Rajiv... following some very basic ideas proposed by him.... I already started seeing positive changes in my puppy. Then came the second call with him... more question from me... more patient anwers from him. By this time Rajiv had prepared me to rediscover my relationship with my puppy. All is can say is Thank you Rajiv!

Archana Venkatakrishnan

We cannot say enough about Rajiv & his training. First of all, Thank you Rajiv it was wonderful working with you and sharing this experience with you and my family. We learnt & observed so much in such a short space of time. What blew us away was how well our 12 year old son responded so well to the training and the value add he received. Rajiv showed us the exact tools that we needed for our adopted high energy husky. Rajiv was always so accommodating, kind, patience and really great with our children. He showed us a different perspective on how to be a dog owner. We loved his training and highly recommend Rajiv!

Radmila Galic Ribeiro

Adopting a dog was the most wonderful undertaking, but little did we know it would also be the most difficult. After about 6 months in, our pup started showing signs of reactivity, and later aggression on walks with other dogs and then also towards people. This behaviour came and went until there were no more good days and only bad - no matter what we tried, and we tried everything. We reached the lowest of lows. Rajiv literally changed our lives, and therefore our dog’s life too. We learned to be better humans, to understand our dog better and can finally see the positive effects - a happy home and a more relaxed and happy dog. No words can describe the gratitude we have for Rajiv and his impact, and for everything he has taught us on all levels. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Dina Ghandour 

I'm deeply impressed and inspired of Rajiv training style!!! 
His calmness, his wisdom and the way of communicating as well as the wide knowledge about dogs and their psyche impressed me deeply as a psychologist. I have seen quick results and learning success of our puppy within few minutes or hours - which was often magical! 

For me, the best dog coach I've ever met. Definitely recommendable!
Kelly is blessed having a great start in her life thanks of you Rajiv!

Danijela Andric Casson 

Rajiv is absolutely incredible!!! We got an American Bully pup a month and a half ago. While I was delighted to have Kaia, I was quite nervous as well as I didn't understand her behavior at all. Rajiv has taught us so much about Kaia and myself. I can't recommend him enough. Truly a joy to meet him.

Alamira Noor Bani Hashim 

This review comes a little late in the day, but it's still very relevant. Rajiv helped me and my dog Poppy (a 5-year-old rescue dog) immensely before we moved from Dubai to Sydney. Rajiv has a very calm demeanour and he loves dogs. In our first session it became very apparent to me that more than Poppy, I needed training in handling her. Rajiv taught me how to be in a calm state of mind while walking Poppy, as she is a reactive dog, this came in very handy. I used to earlier avoid walking Poppy because she used to lunge at other dogs and bark a lot, using techniques taught by Rajiv I am now able to be in control of the walk and Poppy. She is less reactive now, I can read dog's body language better which helps me predict Poppy's reaction and then correct her accordingly. Today, I am much more confident about handling Poppy on her walks and socialization with other dogs and actually look forward to taking her on her daily walks. Now Poppy socializes with other dogs well, is a lot less reactive and is comfortable around dogs in an off leash dog park. A big thank you to Rajiv for helping both of us out. I would recommend him strongly!

Gunjan Sinha

Rajiv, gave us a whole new perspective on how to communicate with our dog. His approach and method were so accurate and helpful that our life with our dog is so much more happy and loving!
He helped us understand the dog’s world and be mindful of how we communicate with him.
We are all very grateful to Rajiv.

Magda Chatzipetrou

Our 5 year old British Bulldog had become aggressive to anybody visiting the house. I called Rajiv and he worked his magic on Rodney (and us).Taught us how to treat our dogs like dogs and therefore changed the dynamics of our house and lives, I can invite people to the house again without worry. We have 3 dogs, with us the humans as pack leader now �. Rodney barked and growled and attempted to bite Rajiv to start with and by the last 2 visit he was a changed dog. Backing up to Rajiv to be fussed, AMAZING. We can not thank Rajiv enough and would highly recommend him if you have any doggie concerns. Big big Thank You Rajiv.

Sam Gaskin 

I called Rajiv for George, my one year old dog. George has been with me since I rescued him at around 8 weeks old. He has an amazing energetic temperament and made himself right at home amongst a family of four humans, three cats and another dog. Unfortunately things changed when I had him neutered at 11 months old. Progressively as the weeks went on, I noticed a deep set fear take over, every time we went out on walks. Anything would set him off, such as a person walking a baby in a pram, a person on a bicycle, small children playing, etc. He became fixated on this and displayed real nervous energy and unwillingness to be there, trying everything to get away from the situation. For me of course it was heartbreaking! Rajiv is an amazing human being with an incredible understanding of dogs and how to communicate with them through energy. In just four weeks, he turned mine and George's life around. He helped me to understand how to take charge and become the pack leader, not going into this feeling of heartbreak and sadness every time we went out on walks, but to be calm and assertive. I can highly recommend Rajiv for any dog lover having any type of issue, he is an absolute gem of a human being

Nicole Melvin

Rajiv has been a revelation for our family. We adopted two dogs - the first is a Maltese / Yorkie mix with a very sweet temperament. Rajiv has taught us how to recognize his behaviours and anticipate any acting out, in particular barking at the door. Our second dog is a Yorkie / unknown mix. He has a much more serious issue. We believe he was previously abused, and although he is amazing 90% of the time, he has major food aggression and dominance issues with certain people. He has bitten almost everyone in the family at some point, and we have been working around him for some time. We now have a baby on the way so when we were refered to Rajiv we thought why not give him a try. One of the best decisions we have ever made. Rajiv has opened our eyes to what we have been doing wrong, and as we are improving our own behaviours we are seeing incredible results. Most of all, Rajiv really cares about helping not only the dogs but us too, and we couldn't have been happier. Highly highly highly recommended to anyone with a dog.

Ali Sinaei 

Amazing technique to help us understand our dogs better and to take the necessary actions to correct "bad behaviours"! Helped us A LOT!!! We can now walk outside without the need to run away from other dogs (that ours used to bark at...)! 

Jose Carlos Mestre Paixao

After several dog “trainers “ we had sort of given hope until I read about Rajiv. Our dog Stella, was showing food aggression towards our other two dogs and us. He not only helped us with her but with our two other dogs. He showed us the dogs behavior is a reflection of its owners attitude and state of mind. He taught us how to read our dogs body languages and how they interact with each other. I highly recommend his work. We are now a much calmer house, owners and consequently dogs.
Rajiv thank you for all the help.

Soli, Stewart, Samantha , Stella and Diamond

We just adopted an adult dog from a shelter and Rajiv has helped us a lot with welcoming him in our home! He’s extremely helpful, calm and in no way felt like being schooled. I’d eagerly and happily recommend Rajivs work to anyone in need of assistance with an unruly dog or to someone like us who wanted to simply get the best start possible. 🐶

Katharina Brennan

We saw huge improvement in just a couple of sessions. Highly recommend Rajiv for your dog troubles

Nishant Ravindran 

We adopted our dog Shadow, a very hyper Siberian Husky, when I was 4 months pregnant. After a few nights with him I was completely convinced that we couldn't keep him! From jumping onto our bed and onto my belly, to chewing up our carpet and sofa - how could I manage taking care of him, the house, and the baby to come? After a lot of tears (from me, of course) we started looking for other homes and we even considered flying him overseas to somewhere more suitable for his temperament and energy. But my husband was determined to try.

Now, six months later and a newborn in my arms we're looking at a totally different dog. Rajiv came into our house and changed our attitudes completely. He trained us more than Shadow and that's what we really needed. He taught us how to be calm, cool, and collected in situations that would drive any normal person crazy. 

Rajiv - thank you for the walk training, the crate training, the treadmill training, the behaviour training; the list is endless. Most of all, thank you for always responding to our frequent messages about Shadow's doings of the day! Our home is a peaceful place because of you.

Karishma Shah

To be honest if you wanna know about animals Rajiv is your guy.he has such good understanding of animals that you have to see it yourself .I had two trainer before him and none of them are good as Rajiv

Arash Yousefi 

Rajiv is amazing! He helped us to change our mindset and our dogs have never been better!

Amber Baker-Hagen 

We have a 14-month old chocolate Labrador who was the alpha is our house. He is full of energy and very playful. He loves to greet people and other dogs. The problem was that we did not understand him and we expected him to obey in accordance to our way of life. With Rajeev's help we are achieving better harmony, he is more aware of the rules and we have a much calmer dog with better behavior. I can say with 100% certainty that we would not have been able to reach this without Rajeev's expertise.

Ludmila Naumova 

Highly recommended. Rajiv gives a whole new perspective into the world of our furry best friends... And the results speak for themselves 


Avinash Mahtani  

Rajiv is absolutely wonderful! One of our dogs has fear based aggression and in only 4 sessions she is calm, cool, and confident. We are so happy to have met Rajiv!

Denise Blaisdell 

Bella is an 18 months mixed breed (desert Husky). She is a beautiful but timid girl with a lot of uncertainties coming from a turbulent start. When I adopted her, we suffered in a lot of aspects to overcome her fears and her shy dominance also. We struggled in our walks when there were cars, trucks or other loud sounds in the neighborhood. I was not able to leave her in the apartment alone when I go to work so we spent months going to daycare every single morning!! She used to drive me crazy marking everywhere and not taking orders.... That was the past because after the sessions with Rajiv, we both changed... Bella became a happier dog and I became a happier pack leader :) I can say that those sessions not only changed my understanding of the dogs' world but also changed our life. I have a very well trained and behaved girl now because I became a very well trained mom :) and for that I can't thank Rajiv enough!!!

Rana Fares

The less said about Rajiv the better. I hv 2 dogs with very different behavioral patterns. I was going bonkers trying to manage them. I have completed 4 sessions today and im very happy with the progress. I can't say he is a trainer, he is more of somebody who deepens the bond between you and your dog by simply making you understand your pet and their behaviour. His techniques have even helped me in my personal life control my anger and be more patient. A great guy and most of all he understands you and your pet. Would recommend him any day.

Thanks Rajeev.

Darryl Soares

We have a one and a half year old energetic Labradoodle - FiveStar and a 16 year old strongly alfa Maltese Terrier -Casper. We needed to learn to clam down FiveStar and to handle our little (in size only) alfa dog Casper. Yes, after 15 years Casper still thinks he is our boss.


Rajiv came to our house like an angel. He helped my husband and I learn about how the dogs think and why they behave the way they do. It helped us in many levels. It helped us appreciate our dogs better and to understand them. We learnt to gainfully interact with them.  It also helped us to grow our awareness as a person. Rajiv helped us see how the dogs live in the moment and are so pure that they make a good reflectors of our moods.


Thank you Rajiv and our good wishes for all your endeavours.

Geeta and Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Having a dog for the first time in my life was not as easy as I thought, I had no clue how to deal with my Gigi, although she's a very tiny dog in her head she thinks she's a Lion , rajiv was recommended by one of my clients and I called for help and I must say in 3 training session I learnt a lot , Gigi is still very stubborn but now and thanks to rajiv I know this relationship cannot be in one day and one night and it's a long term relationship that require patience and calmness, was very happy with the training and I highly recommend rajiv, he's the man 😊

Claude Hachache

The difference between Rajeev and most other trainers is  He won’t train your dog He will train you to train your dog. Delveing deep into the psyche of the animal, breaking deeply entrenched mental barriers or old habits and  he explains every movement of your pet and decodes it for you. What looked like simply opening mouth for more air was actually a sign of relaxing and acceptance.yea!


I always believed training dog is robbing it of its natural style and one should always allow the animal to express its true-self not impose hard and fast rules on how to behave. But we forget that we've taken these animals away from their original habitat where they learnt all this naturally now when introduced to a new environment consisting of humans mere observation doesn't work. Here at home living with human beings harmoniously requires a little effort from our side too for a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship.


My dog loves to stick to me whenever she is nervous. I enjoyed her sticking to me and pawing me to pet her, Rajiv taught me to teach her to stand up for herself, to face the situation and not run away from it. It required me to ask her to stay away. I did so with a heavy heart and feeling of guilt “Don’t feel sorry for your dog, or anyone. It’s the worst thing you can do.” You are pushing them further down in their misery hole. Empathize instead, recognise that here is a problem and it has to have a solution Sometimes all you need is patience and a little courage to stand and wait, and take deep breaths while you do so and eventually it will pass. It will surely pass away. This is the law of Nature. Everything in this Universe obeys this law of nature.

Within a span of few minutes Sweetah accepted the situation, her tail came out from between her legs, relaxing further she slowly assumed responsibility for her own safety and in a while actually began gently wagging her tail.

Pay rapt attention when he teaches for it’s not just lessons for your dog a lot of it can be implemented in your daily life too.

His methods are simple and only require your time, to understand and patience to see the difference. The first sessions can be difficult on the owner who doesn’t understand the dog world, but rest assured your dog is in the safest hands and all that resistance displayed by your canine mate is the breaking free of old routine and accepting change and it  will only help you communicate with your dog better in the long run.


Remember you are approaching A Dog Yogi. It’s different :-)

Radhika Shetty

Rajiv has a natural way with dogs, and their humans. We met him about three months ago and brought up our new puppy Rancho through his training methods. The training was comfortable, not rushed, and Rajiv took the time to answer any and all questions we ever had. Rajiv demonstrated extreme patience with Rancho , and mostly, the learning humans. We truly cannot recommend Rajiv enough! We tell everyone about him, his love for dogs, and the passion he has to make both humans and dogs successful.

Leema and Ajith

It was an amazing experience with Rajeev. We learnt a lot about dog instinct and how they behave with other dogs. It really opened my eyes. Thank you Rajeev for helping us.

Aditya Anand

Rajiv Saini is an amazing trainer. He was the only trainer who was willing and able to help rehabilitate my rescue dog Skyla who had serious fear and anxiety issues from being beated as a puppy. She would bark nonstop at my friends who would come over to visit and try and run and hide if someone approached her, panic wee when she saw a lead or a stranger and would refuse to leave the safety net of home and go for a walk and constantly shake in fear if we did leave the house. In only 3 sessions he managed to get her to relax and I was able to have people visit and eventually was able to have BBQ with between 10 and 20 people and she was calm and not stressed at all. she now loves her walks and Rajiv also kindly helped prepare her for our big move over to Ireland and was the only one who managed to get her to relax in her crate. She would definitely not be the same happy dog if it were not for Rajiv

Natalie Kimber

Rajiv worked with me and my girl Amber and helped sort out her SEVERE separation anxiety. His training style is all-encompassing with full understanding of not only my dog's psychology but also my limitations, fears, over-indulgence, etc as a pet parent. He carefully showed me how i needed to take on the role of a responsible pet parent or pack leader in a respectful way both by mine and my dog's standards. He brings in a lot of common sense on the table, rather than training "rules"



You have not just helped me learn about Nature better, or Abi, but also about myself better. Your patience and understanding has got me going a long way with so much clarity and confidence, and a new understanding and appreciation about a whole new way of life!


You have been a great inspiration for me and thank you for the bond you created between me & Abi!


Our lives made a U-turn after Rajiv came to help us with our 3 year old Vizsla.  Even though our training is still ongoing (two session completed) we can safely say we are on the way to being a balanced household.


Rajiv brought with him a calmness that no one can explain, Lilly has never been this calm and respectful towards us – truly amazing to see.


He explained that Lilly is a timid dog, which creates anxiety and  results into her being hyper and jumpy and explained the behaviour we have seen. Therefore we need to work on making her understand (in a nice way) her place in the house. That we are on top and she needs to respect us. This will help her feel more calm and safe. We also worked on her food obsession that started once our son started on solids.  


Now Dylan (our 13month old) literally throws food at her and she just stays there like nothing happened! She even walks past it, and if told no, she leaves and goes to lie down. Not worried about it at all even forgets about it. Before, this was not possible, she used to move at lightning speed and gobble the dropped food up.


If I give her the command to leave and to go lie down she does it without even blinking. To the extent that she falls asleep, totally relaxed and at peace.  


We will carry on working with Rajiv for a few more sessions sure we will then see a totally relaxed, happy balanced Vizsla.


I need to work on trusting her around Dylan again. Have been working on this as well, as she will sense my fear (which is not good). Rome was not built in one day.


I was worried initially that Lilly would feel out of sorts with all the new rules, but nope she seems to be a happier dog knowing what we want and waiting for us to give the next command J. She even stays off the BED!

Also amazing to see that she does not run to the front door barking when the door bell rings! Seems way too relaxed for that.


Thank you so much we owe you!

2 years later ....

So great to see Rajiv, u saved us and Lilly, we have a little girl now as well and Lilly and Willow are best friends. Thank you so much, if u did not come to our rescue Lilly would have been re-homed. Tx so ABVC for the recommendation we are for ever grateful. It has been almost 2 years now and she is so gentle with the kids. Lots of love all of us xox oh and we have a tortoise and fish now as well ;)

Leandra, Greg, Dylan and Lilly

One early morning, dark and cold,

A little soul has joined my world.

A dog, I’ll cherish all my life

Who came to me with fear of life.


It seemed together we could overcome

All hurdles, fear – that made her numb.

But just like puzzle pieces missed

Her calmness seemed to fail exist.


Until the day I met the man

Who we will thank for all we can

He helped uncover all the darkle

And made the lights within us sparkle


That lost and missing puzzle piece

He brought with him and shared with ease

All tips, all guidances and tools

He made so clear with little rules


Today I stand with confidence and pride

With little soul Herby next to my side

Her tail is up and heart is beating calm

Our joyous journey has just started herefrom


I thank you Rajiv for all you have done

For Herby, for me, for your patience alone.

Thanks so much for the evolvement, the growth

And for the freedom you finally brought to us both!


I grew with pets in India since I was 2 years old and lucky to be with pet lovers around. Multiple dogs and cats in my bed and also fish pond and turtle around the corner. It was natural to miss a dog when I shifted to Dubai 6 years back. We adopted 3 months old puppy ‘Peter’ and have a feeling family is complete.


As Peter was growing we started experiencing he was growling at strangers and dogs specially when on leash, his protective nature towards food and trying to protect us from visitors.

It was a learning as I never experienced the behavior before. We were blank for a year how to resolve and one day we were introduced to Rajiv as a dog trainer.


Rajiv helped us to see the dogs world from natures prospective. It was evident to see how dogs react with our positive senses. Rajivs approach of ‘no touch – no talk – no eye contact’ had positive effects. Also I must agree with Rajivs experience dogs are more closer to the nature. One who needs to change is us and our negative senses.


Dogs wants us to be positive always. They sense our energies either positive or negative and react . So it’s us to be blamed and not our dogs !!

Thanks Rajiv again for introducing us to a new world !!

Peter the dog, Jagger the cat, Manas, Dipti, Mahesh Atre

Rajiv Saini is an amazing guy. He taught me a lot how to be a pet parent, he is just too good. Can't recommend him enough.. He helped me to handle many behaviour related issues of my little one.

Himani Bhadra

Rajiv was recommended by a friend and i can say for certain there are no regrets. He trains a family to understand dog mannerisms and thinking so that our responses are calm and effective. thus betters communication and understanding between Dogs and people.

Nishita Charles

Buying a dog was a very difficult experience for me because my mother was very afraid and it took a lot of persuasion to get one.  Due to this, when I finally bought Simba, it was a combination of over-excitement and obsession when, I later found out, I was not treating my pet in the best possible way.


After a few intense training sessions with Rajiv, I later realized my mistakes.  However, the more astonishing part was that not only did the way I treat Simba change, and those of course showed clear results; but the way I treated those around me also changed.   Soon enough, almost everyone was telling me how much I’ve changed: for the better, since the past 4-6 weeks.  Today, I can honestly say I feel more calm, composed, forgiving, open-minded and most importantly: happy.


Rajiv didn’t really train Simba.  At the end of the day, he’s a dog and will behave like a dog no matter how hard anyone tries.  He trained me to better understand Simba and to make it easier for me to alter his behaviors.  So, thank you Rajiv! 


Puja Shivlani

Working with Rajiv was an amazing experience.  We adopted 2 year old Petra (Saluki/GSD cross) 3 month ago and without Rajiv's insight, support and amazing presence, I do not believe we would have lasted this long.  Most of us were very apprehensive taking any dog on let alone a GSD at 2 years however, it has been an lightening and rewarding experience we would never forego again.  Rajiv simply has, a gift with dogs.  He taught us how to manage Petra with minimum fuss.  As someone who was literally petrified from dogs, allergic to them and not overly keen on such a breed or age, I was most hesitant to take on Petra, but with Rajiv's support, it was easy, rewarding and straightforward.  I would highly recommend any dog owner to hire Rajiv as he WILL make a difference. 


Mims Talsi

I happened to read an article by Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. A light-hearted take on how we can learn from dogs in terms of philosophy of life. I was pondering on the same topic since, we welcomed our pet dog, Chester, to our home. We began the relationship well, thanks to our trainer, Rajeev, who’s a dog behaviorist. It intrigued me as to how a software engineer could take a passion for dog’s behavior and training. When we interacted with him, we knew, he has flair for understanding not only dogs, but people too, as he introduces us to our own self, while interacting with the dog. I felt this is true, as he explained to us, how dog reflects our behavioral patterns. The calmness in us, translated into a calm dog and we could sense our kids following the behavior too.


Rajeev led us to follow the middle path in dealing with dogs, not too harsh and not too soft. It dawned on us that the eastern philosophy of the middle path percolates into all applications of daily life, as we watched in awe, the dog following our commands, when done in the right way.  Rajeev, in fact, trains us to train the dog. He shows us the path, and it is up to us to take lead from there. The unwritten law of respecting territories can be learnt from dogs, he reinstates. Body language communication is the best from of interaction, when it comes to dog training, as my first-born learnt from Rajeev and follows religiously when it comes to dealing with Chester. He learned the ropes of leadership, and gives a few tips to his younger bro, as to how a dog will work for you if he likes you and respects you. When we got our dog, it was meant to be a healthy, new way of engaging our children in a new hobby, away from computer games and long hours in front of the television. We feel absolutely grateful to Rajeev for teaching us that good dog ownership come with development of good character and good habits, all things that kids need to learn in today’s world.


Suchy Pramod

I am writing to you tell you how grateful i am for the change in Gucci's behavior.


Gucci's been such a good boy now. He is walking in his leash, he loves going on walks now. Everything is normal with his bathroom habits. As you said, he would improve on the part where he thinks he is the 'leader'. he does listen to us now. He was never like that before, he was so arrogant. Thank you so much for all the help , we are really glad we called you.

Roshni Harwani

From six weeks to six months of training a puppy has been an incredible journey for me.


I've learnt a lot of things and and changed a lot myself. I do not have lot of time to read books or see videos on dog training, but your guidance from day one has been very helpful. 


My dog helps me here as I get connected to nature at least six times a day which naturally relaxes me for awhile. Still a lot of work to do on this emotional state of my mind.


Hashtag, my shy, timid baby (slightly unruly at times) has turned in to a well-behaved big boy in a matter of two months! He now eagerly waits for his walk, play ‘Fetch’ with the kids, cuddles and snuggles but doesn’t forget not to overstep his boundary.


Well, the entire credit goes to Rajiv for correctly evaluating Hashtag’s training needs and his sincere effort and dedication in training him.

Minakshi Ray

Rajiv is an excellent trainer!!! Our dog became well trained thanks to him! He does not escape from the house anymore or destroy our sofas!!!! 
We are very lucky tht we have met him

Rachel Abounader

I've would like to thank you for taking your time to spend with Polo and Sherrie.


They have manners now (lol) and love to go out for walks. You're training methods have help them a lot. They love walking with ropes so we take them out every day.


Thank you so much for your help.


Kind regards

Jolande S

I can't thank you enough for making a different to Marley and Rio's behavior. Your method of handling the two boys were amazing and have thought me to understand their mental and physical requirements a lot better.


I'm sure with persistent training and follow-up, Marley and Rio will be a much better calm and submissive dogs.


Once again, thank you for your help and look forward to working closely with you.



Hi Rajiv,


Yesterday I was alone for a while with the 2 dogs and they are really getting along. They were playing for more than an half an hour and I felt not afraid that it might end in a fight. Last week I was afraid, because of the bite. So they were playing sometimes a bit rougher and then I came in between, made them calm and lied down on the floor, stepped away observed for a while and then ignored them. 


It really made me feel happy that they can play peacefully. We did not separate them in the night. All went well and Max did not pee in the house for the last couple of days.


Hi Rajiv,


Another nice story to share with you: yesterday we had guest coming over for dinner and Teddy stayed calm, did not bark did not try anything. He was just lying down next to me. Did not bother to follow me when I went to take something out of the kitchen, just stayed in his place. He played a bit with Max and was a nice,  good and not scared. When they left, Teddy came with us outside the house, we were talking a bit on the street and he just relaxed and lied down on the street ( he never does this outside).


I'm so happy it is going in the good direction. Thank you!


Yesterday I could clip his nails all by myself. He just allowed me, and this is the first time after we did it together.


M Stubbe

Lucy has changed since u were here. She is more calm and listens much more. Thank you!!!





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