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Rajiv Saini is an amazing trainer. He was the only trainer who was willing and able to help rehabilitate my rescue dog Skyla who had serious fear and anxiety issues from being beated as a puppy. She would bark nonstop at my friends who would come over to visit and try and run and hide if someone approached her, panic wee when she saw a lead or a stranger and would refuse to leave the safety net of home and go for a walk and constantly shake in fear if we did leave the house. In only 3 sessions he managed to get her to relax and I was able to have people visit and eventually was able to have BBQ with between 10 and 20 people and she was calm and not stressed at all. she now loves her walks and Rajiv also kindly helped prepare her for our big move over to Ireland and was the only one who managed to get her to relax in her crate. She would definitely not be the same happy dog if it were not for Rajiv

Natalie Kimber


Rajiv worked with me and my girl Amber and helped sort out her SEVERE separation anxiety. His training style is all-encompassing with full understanding of not only my dog's psychology but also my limitations, fears, over-indulgence, etc as a pet parent. He carefully showed me how i needed to take on the role of a responsible pet parent or pack leader in a respectful way both by mine and my dog's standards. He brings in a lot of common sense on the table, rather than training "rules"



Our lives made a U-turn after Rajiv came to help us with our 3 year old Vizsla.  Even though our training is still ongoing (two session completed) we can safely say we are on the way to being a balanced household.


Rajiv brought with him a calmness that no one can explain, Lilly has never been this calm and respectful towards us – truly amazing to see.


He explained that Lilly is a timid dog, which creates anxiety and  results into her being hyper and jumpy and explained the behaviour we have seen. Therefore we need to work on making her understand (in a nice way) her place in the house. That we are on top and she needs to respect us. This will help her feel more calm and safe. We also worked on her food obsession that started once our son started on solids.  


Now Dylan (our 13month old) literally throws food at her and she just stays there like nothing happened! She even walks past it, and if told no, she leaves and goes to lie down. Not worried about it at all even forgets about it. Before, this was not possible, she used to move at lightning speed and gobble the dropped food up.


If I give her the command to leave and to go lie down she does it without even blinking. To the extent that she falls asleep, totally relaxed and at peace.  


We will carry on working with Rajiv for a few more sessions sure we will then see a totally relaxed, happy balanced Vizsla.


I need to work on trusting her around Dylan again. Have been working on this as well, as she will sense my fear (which is not good). Rome was not built in one day.


I was worried initially that Lilly would feel out of sorts with all the new rules, but nope she seems to be a happier dog knowing what we want and waiting for us to give the next command J. She even stays off the BED!

Also amazing to see that she does not run to the front door barking when the door bell rings! Seems way too relaxed for that.


Thank you so much we owe you!

2 years later ....

So great to see Rajiv, u saved us and Lilly, we have a little girl now as well and Lilly and Willow are best friends. Thank you so much, if u did not come to our rescue Lilly would have been re-homed. Tx so ABVC for the recommendation we are for ever grateful. It has been almost 2 years now and she is so gentle with the kids. Lots of love all of us xox oh and we have a tortoise and fish now as well ;)

Leandra, Greg, Dylan and Lilly

One early morning, dark and cold,

A little soul has joined my world.

A dog, I’ll cherish all my life

Who came to me with fear of life.


It seemed together we could overcome

All hurdles, fear – that made her numb.

But just like puzzle pieces missed

Her calmness seemed to fail exist.


Until the day I met the man

Who we will thank for all we can

He helped uncover all the darkle

And made the lights within us sparkle


That lost and missing puzzle piece

He brought with him and shared with ease

All tips, all guidances and tools

He made so clear with little rules


Today I stand with confidence and pride

With little soul Herby next to my side

Her tail is up and heart is beating calm

Our joyous journey has just started herefrom


I thank you Rajiv for all you have done

For Herby, for me, for your patience alone.

Thanks so much for the evolvement, the growth

And for the freedom you finally brought to us both!


Rajiv Saini is an amazing guy. He taught me a lot how to be a pet parent, he is just too good. Can't recommend him enough.. He helped me to handle many behaviour related issues of my little one.

Himani Bhadra

Buying a dog was a very difficult experience for me because my mother was very afraid and it took a lot of persuasion to get one.  Due to this, when I finally bought Simba, it was a combination of over-excitement and obsession when, I later found out, I was not treating my pet in the best possible way.


After a few intense training sessions with Rajiv, I later realized my mistakes.  However, the more astonishing part was that not only did the way I treat Simba change, and those of course showed clear results; but the way I treated those around me also changed.   Soon enough, almost everyone was telling me how much I’ve changed: for the better, since the past 4-6 weeks.  Today, I can honestly say I feel more calm, composed, forgiving, open-minded and most importantly: happy.


Rajiv didn’t really train Simba.  At the end of the day, he’s a dog and will behave like a dog no matter how hard anyone tries.  He trained me to better understand Simba and to make it easier for me to alter his behaviors.  So, thank you Rajiv! 


Puja Shivlani

You have not just helped me learn about Nature better, or Abi, but also about myself better. Your patience and understanding has got me going a long way with so much clarity and confidence, and a new understanding and appreciation about a whole new way of life!


You have been a great inspiration for me and thank you for the bond you created between me & Abi!


Working with Rajiv was an amazing experience.  We adopted 2 year old Petra (Saluki/GSD cross) 3 month ago and without Rajiv's insight, support and amazing presence, I do not believe we would have lasted this long.  Most of us were very apprehensive taking any dog on let alone a GSD at 2 years however, it has been an lightening and rewarding experience we would never forego again.  Rajiv simply has, a gift with dogs.  He taught us how to manage Petra with minimum fuss.  As someone who was literally petrified from dogs, allergic to them and not overly keen on such a breed or age, I was most hesitant to take on Petra, but with Rajiv's support, it was easy, rewarding and straightforward.  I would highly recommend any dog owner to hire Rajiv as he WILL make a difference. 


Mims Talsi

I happened to read an article by Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. A light-hearted take on how we can learn from dogs in terms of philosophy of life. I was pondering on the same topic since, we welcomed our pet dog, Chester, to our home. We began the relationship well, thanks to our trainer, Rajeev, who’s a dog behaviorist. It intrigued me as to how a software engineer could take a passion for dog’s behavior and training. When we interacted with him, we knew, he has flair for understanding not only dogs, but people too, as he introduces us to our own self, while interacting with the dog. I felt this is true, as he explained to us, how dog reflects our behavioral patterns. The calmness in us, translated into a calm dog and we could sense our kids following the behavior too.


Rajeev led us to follow the middle path in dealing with dogs, not too harsh and not too soft. It dawned on us that the eastern philosophy of the middle path percolates into all applications of daily life, as we watched in awe, the dog following our commands, when done in the right way.  Rajeev, in fact, trains us to train the dog. He shows us the path, and it is up to us to take lead from there. The unwritten law of respecting territories can be learnt from dogs, he reinstates. Body language communication is the best from of interaction, when it comes to dog training, as my first-born learnt from Rajeev and follows religiously when it comes to dealing with Chester. He learned the ropes of leadership, and gives a few tips to his younger bro, as to how a dog will work for you if he likes you and respects you. When we got our dog, it was meant to be a healthy, new way of engaging our children in a new hobby, away from computer games and long hours in front of the television. We feel absolutely grateful to Rajeev for teaching us that good dog ownership come with development of good character and good habits, all things that kids need to learn in today’s world.


Suchy Pramod

I am writing to you tell you how grateful i am for the change in Gucci's behavior.


Gucci's been such a good boy now. He is walking in his leash, he loves going on walks now. Everything is normal with his bathroom habits. As you said, he would improve on the part where he thinks he is the 'leader'. he does listen to us now. He was never like that before, he was so arrogant. Thank you so much for all the help , we are really glad we called you.

Roshni Harwani

From six weeks to six months of training a puppy has been an incredible journey for me.


I've learnt a lot of things and and changed a lot myself. I do not have lot of time to read books or see videos on dog training, but your guidance from day one has been very helpful. 


My dog helps me here as I get connected to nature at least six times a day which naturally relaxes me for awhile. Still a lot of work to do on this emotional state of my mind.


Hashtag, my shy, timid baby (slightly unruly at times) has turned in to a well-behaved big boy in a matter of two months! He now eagerly waits for his walk, play ‘Fetch’ with the kids, cuddles and snuggles but doesn’t forget not to overstep his boundary.


Well, the entire credit goes to Rajiv for correctly evaluating Hashtag’s training needs and his sincere effort and dedication in training him.

Minakshi Ray

Rajiv is an excellent trainer!!! Our dog became well trained thanks to him! He does not escape from the house anymore or destroy our sofas!!!! 
We are very lucky tht we have met him

Rachel Abounader

I've would like to thank you for taking your time to spend with Polo and Sherrie.


They have manners now (lol) and love to go out for walks. You're training methods have help them a lot. They love walking with ropes so we take them out every day.


Thank you so much for your help.


Kind regards

Jolande S

I can't thank you enough for making a different to Marley and Rio's behavior. Your method of handling the two boys were amazing and have thought me to understand their mental and physical requirements a lot better.


I'm sure with persistent training and follow-up, Marley and Rio will be a much better calm and submissive dogs.


Once again, thank you for your help and look forward to working closely with you.



Hi Rajiv,


Yesterday I was alone for a while with the 2 dogs and they are really getting along. They were playing for more than an half an hour and I felt not afraid that it might end in a fight. Last week I was afraid, because of the bite. So they were playing sometimes a bit rougher and then I came in between, made them calm and lied down on the floor, stepped away observed for a while and then ignored them. 


It really made me feel happy that they can play peacefully. We did not separate them in the night. All went well and Max did not pee in the house for the last couple of days.


Hi Rajiv,


Another nice story to share with you: yesterday we had guest coming over for dinner and Teddy stayed calm, did not bark did not try anything. He was just lying down next to me. Did not bother to follow me when I went to take something out of the kitchen, just stayed in his place. He played a bit with Max and was a nice,  good and not scared. When they left, Teddy came with us outside the house, we were talking a bit on the street and he just relaxed and lied down on the street ( he never does this outside).


I'm so happy it is going in the good direction. Thank you!


Yesterday I could clip his nails all by myself. He just allowed me, and this is the first time after we did it together.


M Stubbe

Lucy has changed since u were here. She is more calm and listens much more. Thank you!!!



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